Process servers have several important responsibilities, but their primary job is to serve papers, notifying an individual of a legal action. The server should always try to serve the papers personally to person of interest. If that is not possible, they can serve them by alternative methods (this varies case-by-case basis). 

There are many reasons why someone might avoid service of process. A person may fear the server because they are a stranger knocking on their door or believe the server will embarrass them if served in public place. It is possible that a person may also not want to deal with the court system and what it means for their life. The process server needs to do their best to serve the individual they were assigned to serve, even if it is difficult. Our servers are trained to try a variety of methods and stay persistent in order to get their job done.

A process server who is having trouble serving papers on someone who is actively avoiding service of process will prepare and sign an Affidavit/Declaration of Non-Service or Affidavit/Declaration of Due Diligence. These affidavits state that the process server has attempted the Service of Process on multiple dates and times but results unsuccessful. This document is then filed with the court so that there is a log of attempts and so that the judge knows about this situation. This also helps if you need to extend your court date. Without a log of attempts from a server or sheriff, the court system will likely not grant your case an extension. 



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